Join a team of experts. FSA is a full-service retirement plan practice.

Fred S. Shapiro & Associates, Inc. creatively designs and administers qualified retirement plans. We strive to effectively and efficiently meet the objectives of our clients through creative design, based on the individual company and its demographics. We specialize in understanding the various technicalities of the recent legislation imposed by the Internal Revenue Service. This allows us to provide our clients with initial, as well as, updated advice in order to maintain compliance with these laws.

Why Choose Us?


Retirement plan design depends on many variables including workforce demographics, tax objectives, owner’s retirement requirements, and desired flexibility. We will work with you to design the plan (or plans) that fit not only your individual needs, but the unique needs of your entire organization.


Our expertise lies in plan design, administration and compliance services. FSA’s team is here to personally assist and guide you through the process from retirement plan design to administration. We will collect necessary information from you efficiently, explain issues to you in plain English, and provide you with reports that are easily understood.


Annual retirement plan administration and compliance is a large job, and our job is to make sure your retirement plan never becomes a headache. Our team is aware of the time involved with plan administration. Therefore, we not only assist in many of the day-to-day operational tasks, but also provide the assistance and guidance needed to keep your retirement plan compliant with complex government regulations.